Make the Work that Matters Most - Jessica Abel

Does it feel like the world is trying to prevent you from making the work you truly love?

Stop letting every other thing take precedence over the game-changing creative work you keep putting off

You absolutely, without a doubt, have what it takes to commit to the major projects you envision.

It’s the work that you hold closest to your heart that could truly make a dent in the universe.

Give that work the attention it deserves, and build your future.

Start making big changes today

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Devoting your time to creative work is your right

Figuring out how to do that without blowing up everything else in your life is your responsibility

Jessica Abel

I’m Jessica Abel. I lead the Creative Focus Workshop (and the soon-to-be announced Autonomous Creative Collective!) where we teach ambitious creative freelancers and business owners (and those who want to get there!) to leverage the incredible power of creativity to design a better life:

A life where you get to do the work that’s most inspiring to you..

and you also get to stop working, recharge, and become a full participant in your life, rather than feeling constant anxiety that any unassigned moment requires you to jam in more work.

…And then waking up and wondering where your last five years went.

As a cartoonist, author, teacher, and coach, I’ve been a full-time working creative professional for over 20 years. I’ve published nine books (both graphic novels and prose), taught art school for 20+ years, been an illustrator, an editor…it’s been a ride.

But the shiny résumé hides the scruffy behind-the-scenes reality of cobbling together a creative (and human!) life. I know what the tradeoffs are, and I know how to navigate the traps that keep your wheels spinning.

And I know you have it in you, too.

You dream of making incredible work and being paid well for it

But whether you’re a freelancer, you run a business, or you have a day job, chances are the day-to-day demands of making a living are already overwhelming. How can you rein that chaos in and carve out focus and time—precious time!—for your real work?

And what you’re not doing every day is the future-building work you keep obsessing about…

  • The nonfiction book that will shake your audience to the core.
  • The mural project your neighborhood needs to pull the community together and give the kids something to do all summer.
  • The design package that will delight your ideal clients and be a joy to deliver.
  • The podcast that’s going to blow the lid off something that desperately needs lid-blowing.
  • The crystal-clear, mission-driven offering that will become the inflection point for you and your clients.

HOW can you flip the dynamic and put the work that really matters first?

Find Creative Focus

You’ve got it in you—and we can help

The Creative Focus Workshop, full suite

The Creative Focus Workshop

The CFW is the only program specifically designed for serious creative people who are ready to level up and put their real work at the core of how they live their lives. The CFW is a step-by-step program + full-fledged accountability community that will guide and support you through overcoming perfectionism, finding time in your week for your most important creative work, saying NO to putting other people’s priorities before your own… all without blowing up the rest of your life!

Growing Gills

Do you want to get started TODAY, right now? Check out my book, Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When You’re Drowning in Your Daily Life.

Growing Gills takes you step by step through the process of pinning down exactly what’s stopping you from finishing your beautiful, inventive, potentially game-changing projects, and then putting a realistic, and totally custom plan in place to overcome those obstacles and get your work finished and launched!

Let us help you get your project off the back burner and into the world.

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