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Answer these 10 quick questions to uncover the real reasons why you’re not able to take control of your creative work.

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Out on the Wire: the podcast

You have a story that you want to tell, don’t you. I’ve got a crazy idea…

Let’s all tell stories TOGETHER.

Out on the Wire is not like other podcasts you’ve heard. It’s got a beginning, a middle, and an end, just like the stories you love and want to be writing. It’s an HBO miniseries mashed up with a MOOC and a writing memoir. You can simply listen to me work through the stages of writing something, or you can create your own story right along with me.

Be inspired, and master the tools to put that inspiration to work.

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Every episode of the Out on the Wire podcast is packed full of insight from the best in narrative nonfiction radio, comics, and writing, and every episode ends with a challenge that will get you developing and even completing a narrative project over the course of the podcast.

Let’s make great stories.

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Check out all of the Out on the Wire Season One episodes and show notes here, on the episode guide.

featuring producers from

This American Life (Ira Glass and others)

Snap Judgment (Glynn Washington, Stephanie Foo, Mark Ristich, Pat Mesiti-Miller, Julia Dewitt)

Planet Money (Adam Davidson, Alex Blumberg, Chana Joffee Walt, David Kestenbaum, Robert Smith, Zoe Chace)

Radiolab (Jad Abumrad, Robert Krulwich, Sean Cole, Soren Wheeler)

The Moth (Catherine Burns, Jay Allison)

99% Invisible (Roman Mars)

…and more!

Out on the Wire Bonus Pack


Check out the Out on the Wire Bonus Pack. Featuring all of the new interviews we conducted for the show, plus our soundtrack music by Matt Madden. It’s ten bucks (or more, if you’re feeling generous.) It’s a great way to spend more time with our fabulous guests and support the show.

Includes full length interviews with:

Stephanie Foo (This American Life)

Jonathan Mitchell (The Truth podcast)

Larissa MacFarquahar (The New Yorker)

Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet)

Our edit with Robert Smith and Jess Jiang (Planet Money)

Rob Rosenthal (the Transom Workshop, How Sound)

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If you like this podcast, you’ll love the book that it’s all based on:

Out on the Wire: the Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio.

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Answer these 10 quick questions
to uncover the real reasons why you’re not able
to take control of your creative work.

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